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Death of a Salesman

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1. What role does sports play in Death of a Salesman? How does this role reflect American culture?


2. Analyze Willy’s and Linda’s attitudes toward advertising?


3. Why is it important that Willy is a salesman? What does he sell? How does the fact that he often contradicts himself correlate with his role as a salesman? Why is the play called Death of a Salesman instead of Death of Willy Loman? What is the importance of sales to the American way of life?


4. Analyze Howard’s approach to business in contrast to his father’s approach (at least from Willy’s remembrance of him?


5. What is the importance of Howard’s attitude toward technology?


6. What role does guilt play in the lives of the characters?


7. Characterize Willy, Linda, Biff, Happy, Charley, Bernard, and Howard. What motivates each of them? How do they change and grow, or do they? What are their attitudes toward life?

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